The new StarliteRF, is the first all-in-one 5” OLED touch-screen, monitor-recorder with a built in wireless receiver. Based on the StarliteHD5 core technologies.

It’s small and lightweight and operates on the 5.8Ghz ISM band, has a top mounted antenna, and a Sony NP-F battery connection on the back. It’s also capable of recording dailies in H.264 into an on-board SD card.

The wireless video connectivity is without latency, low loss and without any transmission delay. Free of cables, ergonomic and with all the reliability, accuracy and fine engineering that Transvideo builds into their products, it’s the perfect choice for broadcast and motion picture industries.

Few technical specs

StarliteRF 5” OLED touch screen with wide color gamut (EBU)
Supported Standards 720p / 1080p / 1080i / 1080psf
Video output 1 x 3G/HD/SDI
DIN 1.0 / 2.3 adapter to BNC supplied
Power 5-30v DC power input through Lemo2 “0B”
1 GND, 2 VDC
Battery Socket Sony type L
Resolution  1280 x 720
Brightness  380 Nits
Contrast ratio 3400:1
Viewing angle 170° H & V
Display type & size AMOLED – 5 inches
Built-in receiver frequency 5.8Ghz ISM band
Record Dailies in H264 on SD cards

Possibility to replay record

SD card Class 10 only

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The new TitanHD2, is a state of the art wireless video transition system operating on the 5.8Ghz ISM band and has everything you need to create a reliable connection in seconds.

Both the transmitter TitanHD2 Tx and receiver TitanHD2 Rx are housed in a rugged water resistant machined aluminium bodies, which are built to last and are able of tackling even the toughest productions.

The TitanHD2 Tx is capable of connecting to multiple TitanHD2 Rx and with a range of 200m/600ft it opens a whole new range of video monitoring possibilities.

Few technical specs

Model:                                                  Tx                                             Rx
Video inputs/Outputs:           1xHD-SDI in + Rclk out              1xHD-SDI in + Rclk out
Supported HD Standards:                   720p / 1080p/ 1080i / 1080 psf
Audio:                                                  1 channel stereo + SDI embedded
Modulation:                                          OFDM MiMo
Latency:                                               < 1ms
Power:                                   DC 5-30V – 6W max                   DC 9-30V – 6W max
Storage temperature:                        -40 + 80 degrees C
Operating temperature:                    -20 + 55 degrees  C

PN: 917TS0132
List Price: 5,900 €

PN: 904TS0148
List Price: 5,400 €

Build your own kit …

Whats great about our new modular system is if the packs above don’t quite fit your production needs, simple add a TitanHD2 Tx or TitanHD2 Rx to one of the packs above to easily customize it to your own production needs.

TitanHD2 Tx
PN: 904TS0146
List Price: 2,900 €

TitanHD2 Rx
PN: 904TS0147
List Price: 2,500 €

StarliteRF Now available to rent at :

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